Welcome to Silver Lake Ranch

Silver Lake Ranch is a beautiful horse and cattle ranch in the heart of East Texas. At Silver Lake, we specialize in miles of on-site trails perfect for the fun-loving horse and rider. We love to welcome boarders of all ages and skill levels. Our goal is to make working with horses a fun, rewarding experience for all of our boarders. We are family centered and take great pride in making your experience with our farm happy, fun and positive in every way. Come and enjoy your horse from the best location- your saddle!!!




24.10.2022 17:11


do you have any cabins/houses for rent in January, 23

13.09.2022 14:07


I am inquiring about a position at your barn, I am a 25 yr old woman with proficient experience and knowledge with all kinds of horses.
I owed 10 horses from age 7- 13, I competed in barrel racing

31.01.2022 19:27

Nancy Tubb

What towns are close to your stables. I am considering moving from Midland to east Texas and a boarding facility nearby is a priority.

22.01.2022 15:51

Alicia Seguin

I am needing to board my to geldings both 5yrs old and up to date on everything. I will provide all the food they have been eating on.

16.10.2021 20:28

Ali Jordan

Hello! I am interested in boarding info for my 14 y.o. mare. She is current on all shots and negative Coggins. Teeth floated, as well. No current issues and very laid back.

04.05.2021 16:31

Virginia A. Williams

Please e-mail me a map asap! Thanks!

04.05.2021 16:31

Virginia A. Williams

Please send me a map of Silver Lakes Ranch asap. Thanks!

15.12.2020 22:16

English Minter

I wanted to reach out because I paint houses for clients and friends. I also paint Barns and Stables. This will be sweet for personalized stationary, gifts, etc. English

17.10.2020 02:07

Emmet Maggio


02.10.2020 03:20

Edwin Little


01.10.2020 14:38

Shannon Millican

I was wondering if you where in need of a hand around I used to work for RockingNRanch

30.09.2020 16:21

Helga O'Keefe

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Charlie Rau I


26.08.2020 18:32

Heather Lowe


24.08.2020 08:16

Warren Waters


24.08.2020 01:28

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18.08.2020 00:47

Asha Hyatt


15.08.2020 15:32

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30.07.2020 18:08

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30.07.2020 01:28

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29.07.2020 09:27

Keven Feeney


28.07.2020 23:36

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25.07.2020 16:44

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24.07.2020 20:32

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23.07.2020 06:27

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31.12.2019 20:30

Stanford Kilback


01.11.2019 23:32


I’m sorry I don’t have your contact info! 2817324969
If you’ll text me I’ll with your PayPal info we will do 4 lessons at a time

Kam is absolutely having the time of her life!

Thank y

18.10.2019 14:57

Karen Dickerson

Can you call me about riding lessons

Thank you

30.04.2019 19:10

Paula Jordan

Do you offer group trail rides? If so, do you have a calendar and cost?

30.01.2019 17:42

Cheryl Smithies

How much is the cost per month for board? Also, do you have any horses that you rent out for a trail ride? Thanks.

09.01.2019 22:00

Billy & Valerie Toney

Becca -- Thank you for caring so much for our sweet Beau the last few years. I know you treated him as if he were your own and we are grateful he had 36 good years. He will be missed.

02.12.2018 21:19

Kim McCool

I'm looking for full care stall boarding for my AQHA mare. She's semi retired from showing, trail riding is likely the most wet will be doing. But I'm in need of a barn stall for her with turnout

24.06.2018 19:46

Skyah F.

I really like your website set up! It’s the most friendly one I’ve seen so far. Good work

01.06.2018 16:28

Cindy durazo

Hello what is the cost per month and what does that include. Do you have opens? Where are you located are you near hwy 80? Thank you

14.03.2018 15:38

Eryn Bakewell

We have a ranch there and I’m trying to find somewhere on the weekends I can take lessons riding lessons for me and my son

01.03.2018 23:33


do yall offer riding lessons and barrel racing lessons

29.11.2017 03:08

Dorie LaRue

I live in Shreveport, LA. I keep my horse in a co-op. He is semi-retired. I am interested in pasture boarding as the barn I am keeping him in now is being sold.

07.10.2017 13:21

Michael Abandy

I'm interested in purchasing a foal or grown horse for my horse Dale. Please confirm availability and price?

14.06.2017 23:41

Kathy Graber

Are y'all hiring?

25.05.2017 15:48

Bobbie Patterson

do you have an obstacle trail set up that is acessible for riders to practice?

04.10.2016 17:10

Lis Wood

We are moving from Austin area and may need to board two horses from 1 to ? Months. does your pasture have any shelter? Will you grain and hay twice a day for full board? Multi horse discount?

19.09.2016 04:30

Belinda Reid

We're moving from Californis to CR 1703 in Grand Saline. I have a 24 year old mare that I'd like to board but she's used to being under cover during rain in the colder months.

30.06.2015 16:09

Lindsey scarbrough

Very interested in boarding two mares. Please contact me! 918-325-1752

25.06.2015 13:46

Marlean Leach

The move to Texas from Michigan was successful and uneventful, but the best part was seeing how well we were received at Silver Lake Ranch and the expert care by the owner Becca and her trusty workers

19.06.2015 16:20

Jeanette Ratcliff

Would like to know what you charge for horse sitting during vacations.

17.06.2015 19:52


I own Heartbreak Hotel in Canton. I would like a place to refer guest to for horseback riding. Do you offer that and if so, how much is it? Thanks!

24.05.2015 18:13


Would like to know more about pasture board.

12.09.2014 04:28

Sarah Boysen

Farrier question please email back

03.08.2014 05:20

Diane Capps

What is the difference between full care pasture board and pasture board with hay and grain?

03.08.2014 05:18

Diane Capps

Is there a shed or shelter available in the pasture? Are there separate pastures or all horses turned out together?

28.07.2014 21:52


how much for trail riding this week please? please get back to me today.

17.06.2014 05:17

Steve Meredith

Looking for a place with overnight pasture board or large paddock (without barbed wire). I'm in the military, moving across country, and will be stopping in Lindale 6-10 July. Can you accommodate?

02.05.2014 04:00


Would y'all board a stud?

24.04.2014 21:26

Uncle George Chambers

Becky: Spoke w/Jan today. Told me about your
web/site. You're doing good, keep it up. Mitch is proud that you are taking care of his place. You are an AUNT now. UG

25.03.2014 18:28


Awsome facility to board your horse!!! Stalls coming soon!! Only full care facility I have found with great hay and feed customized to your horse.