Family Run since 1910

Silver Lake Ranch has been in our family for 5 generations. We are proud of our heritage, our contributions to East Texas agriculture, and our products. Our land produces exceptional grass fed beef and its 378 acres offers a wonderful environment for horses and trail riding.

Hay production is a natural byproduct of our cattle and horse operation. Since the primary consumers of our hay are our own animals, we do everything possible to maintain its quality and nutritional value.

Our passion and love for horses has led us to open our gates to outside equines so that we can share the joy of horses to others. We treat all boarded horses as though they were our own with a tremendous amount of love and affection.

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  • Tom Brown


  • Lane Heath


  • Becca Brown

    Horse Boarding

  • Rob Isaac

    Cattle and Hay Sales


03.12.2021 23:22

Troy Mobly

I was hoping to see about some riding lessons for my granddaughter. I was wanting to know how much, and has some other questions to.

24.03.2016 16:13

Katelyn Chennault

This is Katelyn Chennault i live in Fruitvale and was wondering if y'all needed any help feeding or taking care of anything at the ranch. Please call me and let me know, Thank You. 903-651-1141