Come join us for some fun!!!


This will be a timed event with prizes going to the top three finishers in each division. 


7 fun obstacles over 6 miles of trails. 


Check in starts at 8 and first rider out at 9.


Rules and Guidelines


Our 7 obstacle types will be:

1. Step over obstacle with noodles

2. Shallow Water Crossing

3. Cowboy Curtain

4. Bridge

5. Log Crossing

6. Rope drag around an Obstacle

7. Gate


Points and Placing:

Each obstacle is worth 3 points.


Example of judging:

Horse and Rider cross on first try: 3 points

Horse and Rider cross on second try: 2 points

Horse and Rider cross on third try: 1 point


If a horse and rider cannot cross after 3 tries, they will be waved on to the next obstacle and will not receive points for that obstacle.


You must attempt all obstacles to be considered for placing. 


Example of Placing:

1st place: 97 minutes and 21 points

2nd place: 115 minutes and 21 points

3rd place: 80 minutes and 19 points



Green- I have never be to a trail challenge.

Seasoned- I've been to a few and am getting the hang of it.

Advanced- I have been to multiple challenges and I've got this down.


Please be honest when signing up for divisions so that placing is fair for all riders. 


*** Silver Lake Ranch Horse Boarding Clients ride in our hosted events for free as they are included as part of their boarding fees.***